Mathias Büschi: Agile methodologies and their limitations in the agile transformation

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Management Summary

This work aims to have a look at a hot topic of the Information Technology (IT) industry, the agile transformation. The previous century has been marked by the digital revolution. Today, we talk about “digitalization” which might be the next industrial revolution. Digitaliza-tion is basically connecting the digital and the physical world and will lead to new innova-tions.

These innovations will most likely disrupt the organization, products and services of the current companies. In order to survive, the existing companies will have to deal with in-creasingly complex challenges. Managing efficiently this complexity is one of the goals of the agile transformation.

Besides this, companies need to cope with fast changing markets. They must be able to respond quicker to newer requirements than their competitors. The agility level of the companies is usually related to their time-to-market performance and their ability to meet customer demands.

The adoption of agile methodologies is often the starting point in this agile transformation and the transformation journey of some companies starts without a clear destination. This work will provide an attempt to establish a roadmap for this transformation by taking into account the important aspects of the company. The benefits and limitations of the agile methodologies will be examined to determine what is required additionally to reach the transformation objectives.

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