Marie-Charlotte Prallet: Smart Cities - State of the Art

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Management Summary

Since 1950, the urban population has been rapidly growing. This increase has created issues with sustainability such as the exploitation of resources and the increase of pollution. As a result local governments are seeking new ways to meet the challenges of urban centers. One possible development is the concept of the so-called smart cities, which uses the support of SICT (Sensors and Information Communication Technology) to help overcome the challenges of the growing urban population by improving the urban’s system (infrastructure, people and processes). More and more attention is being given to the urban concept of smart cities. Nevertheless, definitions of smart cities are not unified and are still hazy. As a result of using SICT smart cities generate a lot of data, which require further process to arrange them into a meaningful way, in order to gain information. Regardless, often concentration is given to the generated data. This state-of-the-art presents an overview of the differentiation of data and information in smart city projects. As a conclusion, it can be said that smart cities in general are weak in the right management of information and often neglect the importance of data and their possible interpretation into information

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