Vasauskaite / Veresinska: Motivation for Smart Living: New Perspectives and Directions

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Abstract: Smart living is intended to benefit the society by increasing quality of life and creating sustainable welfare, but the success of its development strongly depends on society integration, from the level of individuals, to the large-scale socio-technical systems. Their perception and motivation to adopt and use smart technologies at any level are key factors for integration into smart living. Better understanding the motivation patterns and decision making of humans, and the influence of external factors can enable policy-makers and other stakeholders to more effective engagement of society in the transition towards smart living. Therefore motivation theories have to be adapted to the new conditions (complexity and dynamism) of smart environment, which enables to incorporate multidimensional factors of smart living and sustainable growth. This paper first defines the main concepts of the topic, then reviews modern motivation theories for better understanding and adoption into smart living context, and then identifies apparent shortcomings and indicates new perspectives and directions for the future research.

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