Próspero Panzo Filipe: Digital Services in Pregnancy Support

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Management Summary

The goal of this thesis is to find out how a company offering digital services for holistic women's health can optimally support the life phase of the pregnant woman. The research is based on the service design approach, which allows taking into account the needs of pregnant women as much as possible. In-depth interviews were conducted with pregnant women and other participants in the ecosystem. These were analyzed using various methods from the service design approach. This resulted in three value propositions for the persona of a pregnant woman in a stable relationship living in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. It turned out that there are particular opportunities for new digital services in the following four areas: Spread of knowledge about therapeutic options for pregnancy ailments such as fatigue and nausea (1), reduction of risks of an unwanted cesarean section (2), avoidance or reduction of risk of miscarriage and complications during labor (3), avoidance or reduction of pain during labor without the use of anesthetics (4). Three hypothetical value propositions to address these needs are presented. First, a matchmaking app for the dissemination of knowledge about therapeutic options and their providers for pregnancy ailments. Second, a digital two-sided platform with courses and exercises for avoiding or reducing the risk of an unwanted cesarean section, miscarriage, or complications during labor. Third, a hypnobirthing-based augmented reality solution for reducing labor pain.

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